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Here is a brief history of the building

  • 1900 - 1903

    The Promised Land - Dialogue of four cultures

    In the 19th century, Łódź became the 'Promised Land' of four nations: Poland, Germany, Israel and Russia, in particular for manufacturers, merchants, bankers, architects and writers, to whom it owes its development and culture. Read more

  • 1904 - 1929

    The Revolution, World War and Independence

    Łódź changed over the years, the economic landscape shifted, and revolutionary slogans and movements reached us as well. War, liberation and new authorities forced certain actions, as a result of which in 1913 Dom Bankowy Wilhelm Landau transformed into Bank Handlowy S.A. Over the following years, the building housed several different bank headquarters, until, finally, at the end of 1929, it was bought by Polski Bank Przemysłowy S.A. based in Lviv.

  • 1932

    The decline of banking institutions

    In December 1932, Polski Bank Przemysłowy moved out of the building and sold the tenement house to a famous Łódź merchant. Lejbuś Feldberg became the first private owner of the property. To this day, a historic safe remains as a reminder of the numerous banking institutions; it was manufactured in Robert Bohte's Warsaw factory.

  • 1939 - 1947

    War and independence

    As a result of the war and the new administrative division, the city of Łódź was incorporated into the German Reich, German administration quickly took over, and magnificent houses and palaces become German property. Read more

  • 1947

    To make it before nationalisation

    Łódź managed to avoid war hostilities, meaning that its magnificent buildings retained their beauty; however, the new political system did not allow private ownership of property, and in December 1947, Felicia Alenberg of the Feldbergs was forced to sell the building. The next new buyer was PSS Społem.

  • 1947 - 2012

    Years of change

    After purchasing the property, PSS SPOŁEM opened the first delicatessens in post-war Łódź on the ground floor, and put its headquarters on the other floors. In later years, a fish shop and the cocktail bar ‘Monika’ found their place on the ground floor. Read more

  • 2012

    History comes full circle

    In December 2012, the Polish – Italian company LYNX became the new owner of the building; for over a decade, it had been involved in the Łódź region doing business in the textile industry......


Below is our wide range of properties available for rent

Apartment 40

Area: 271,20m2

Apartment 25

Area: 61,30m2

Apartment 27

Area: 88,80m2

Apartment 22

Area: 11,90m2

Apartment 17

Area: 29,60m2


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